From the Store Owner - Why eShop24Owls?

Posted by David Quek Hian Kee on

Online Shopping can be an enjoyable experience. Not only it is convenient and comfortable from anywhere you are, it offers shoppers unlimited access to the store at anytime and at anywhere. So unlike the physical retailers' shop in the shopping mall, there are limitation due to its opening hours and traveling. There might be also the feeling of being pressured by sales person into buying. When I get into a shop, I like to take time to browse before I make the purchase. Sometimes it will take me days to think over before I finally bought it.The one thing I hate most is when I am browsing, there are times when I feel pressured by the approaching sales person.

This doesn't happened with online shopping. I could take my long sweet time to browse and no one is there to interrupt. I can browse what I like and put it on the wish list... think over it for days...then come back and browse again...and again...and again before I nailed it and buy. I have been shopping online for clothing and gadgets for some years. The experience I must say is satisfying and fulfilling. I finally get what I want right from the ease and comfort of my home, shipped right to my doorstep.

It is against the backdrop of my online shopping experiences that I decided to open an online mall myself. My aspiration is not only to quail the entrepreneurship within but to encourage and create more satisfying online shoppers, like myself. It is for this reason - eShop24owls is being birth, right from my heart. Friends ask, "Why 24Owls; What has Owls got to do with my fashion wears?" During the setting up of my store, I was merely thinking of 24 hours -- that my store will stay opened, 24/7. Like the popular franchise store, "7-11". Then an idea just clicked - called it 24 Owls - after all Owl sound like Hour. Further more an 'Owl' is a cute bird - stay opens even at night. And Owl could be a nice brand name to it, something like the world renown clothing products has a Basset hound to it - called 'Hush Puppies'.

So I intend to make 24Owls a household brand - that all products and services we carried under 24Owls are of premium quality. My mission is to create happy and satisfied customers. And if customers can shop safely and stay happy shopping - I am satisfied that my mission is accomplished.

With my heart-Appreciation, thank you for shopping with us.

David Quek H K
Store Owner,


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